你好! Hallo! Greetings!

My name is Shawn (some know me by Shawnee). I am currently local to Berlin, but additionally to a whole plethora of places around this beautiful Earth – namely: Seattle, New Hampshire and Maine, Guilin and Shanghai.


At age 15, I began my studies of Mandarin at NMH School in the Berkshires. From that point forward, Chinese has been a huge part of my life. Whether tutoring my classmates in high school and college, using it to get around southwest China on my own, or teaching it to non-Chinese all over the world, I have always found a way to incorporate it into what I do. I have lived over 12 years in China and speak (as well as read and write) fluent Mandarin. My passion for this language runs deep, and I find great satisfaction, as well as humility, in teaching it to others.


From as early as I can remember, I found myself in yoga poses (without knowing what yoga was). Now, since over ten years, I have been a regular yoga practitioner. In 2011, I completed my first teacher training in Hatha Vinyasa (200-hr with Lorraine Aronson), followed by my Yin Yoga certification (70-hr Primary Level of Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers) in 2019. I currently offer discounted classes in Berlin for any level/body.


Since early 2004, I have been leading groups to Mainland China, to provide unique local experiences and to show what the typical tourist does not have the opportunity to see. These trips are catered to small groups (6-8 people) as well as private tours. During the course of the China journeys, I give daily Chinese lessons, as well as offer yoga classes tailored to the travelers’ needs and mobility.

Reach out with interest or inquiry – whether you are wanting to pursue yoga, Chinese, a trip abroad, or just want to connect.

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